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        SURF IN HAWAII  2012   
        acrylic and crayons on paper   22.5in x 26in (57cm x 66cm)  



        OHANA OHANA (FAMILY FAMILY)  2012   
        acrylic and pencil on canvas   38in x 45in (96.5cm x 114.3cm)



        HONOLULU BLUE  2012   
        acrylic, crayons, and oil stick on canvas   48in x 60in (122cm x 153cm)  



        NEW YORK - HONOLULU  2012   
        acrylic and crayons on canvas  30in x 40in (76cm x 106cm)  



        BIG WAVE  2012   
        acrylic, crayons, pencil and paper collage on wood   20in x 20in (50.5cm x 50.5cm)  




        MULTIPLE FLIGHTS  2012   
        acrylic, crayon, and oil stick on canvas   48in x 48in (122cm x 122cm)  




        SMALL WORKS  2012   
        acrylic, crayons, and pencil on paper  5.9in x 9.3in (14.9cm x 21.0cm)  



        All images, Copyright 2013 © JEE HOON STARK